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Food Preparation Area Sign - Bakery & Dairy Products Only

Food Preparation Area Sign - Bakery & Dairy Products Only
Excl. Vat: £2.00 Incl. Vat: £2.40

Bakery and Dairy products only food preparation sign, help staff to easily identify where they should prepare Bakery and Dairy products in your kitchen.

We have various signs available for in kitchens to help staff Identify where to prep certain foods to prevent cross contamination please find them here Food Preparation and Storage Signs

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Be sure to appropriately label any food preparation area with the correct label and make sure staff can quickly and easily identify what type of food should be prepared there. This can help staff become more efficient within the workplace as well as help reduce the risk of cross contamination through food preparing food in the correct places.

- Notice Size: 200mm x 100mm
- Material: Self adhesive vinyl for instant application