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High Quality Chalkboards

Everlasting Chalkboards

Our remarkable High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) chalkboards are a resin-based laminate and not to be confused with cheaper painted MDF chalkboards. HPL's hard-wearing, virtually maintenance-free properties make it ideal for both internal and external use whilst the specially formulated melamine impregnated surface layer means your chalkboard stays looking new, long after MDF has suffered from ghosting, staining and needs a repaint.

Promote at a Higher Quality for Longer!

With our excellent quality High-Pressure Laminate (HPL), you're able to promote your business and products for a longer period of time, due to the board staying looking newer for longer and never needing to be repainted. The anti-glare surface of these chalkboards are UV stable, as well as weather and scratch-resistant. Expect the highest of quality when dealing with one of our main HPL chalkboard products.

Both traditional chalk and liquid chalk pens will work perfectly with these 3mm thick HPL panels. As for cleaning, a simple household cleaner will wash any chalk or liquid chalk right off, to make way for a new promotional message. These chalkboards can be used inside or outside, meaning anything from a tabletop message board to a pavement display. The possibilities are endless, as well as the life quality of the chalkboards themselves.

If you're struggling to find the exact size chalkboard you're looking for, these boards can be drilled and cut to any size. For more information, please contact us via support@catersigns.co.uk.

Build Upon the Interior of Your Business

Tabletops, counters and walls are all excellent places for an eye-catching promotional display. With our chalkboard bundles and wall-mounted variants on offer, you can gain the most of your advertising space and draw more attention to new products, special offers or customer information. Kit out your business with our Chalkboard Message Board Christmas Bundle!

This pack includes 8 of our HPL Chalkboard Message Boards as well as 3 white liquid chalk marker pens. Offered with a dark and light wood base, this bundle gives you everything you need to get promoting your business. For more information on this bundle, click the link below and take advantage of this bundle before it ends.

If you're looking for a larger surface to advertise on or create an excellent eye-catching wall display, then our satin silver stand-off HPL Chalkboards are a perfect choice. Ranging from A5 to A2, you're able to create a quirky wall design using multiple smaller chalkboards, or get a larger message across by using one of our A2 chalkboards. See below for more product details.

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Draw in More Customers From the Exterior

Catching the eye of potential customers walking passed will be key for drawing in more business. There's a range of different styles of pavement displays to choose from, steel-framed, wooden framed and Ecoflex. All with our extra resilient HPL chalkboard inserts, click the links below to view our best selling HPL Chalkboard Pavement Displays and which one would best suit your business.

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Catch the Eye with Colourful Liquid Chalk Pens

Promote your business with a memorable marketing message. Using our colourful range of liquid chalk pens, the artist in your team will be able to quickly create engaging and inviting messages and designs. All of our chalk marker pens are waterproof, smudge-proof and durable. They are washable with one of our special sponges, some water and some good old fashion elbow grease.

liquid chalk pens

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