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Diabetes, Asthma and Seizures Poster

Diabetes, Asthma and Seizures Poster
Excl. Vat: £13.75 Incl. Vat: £16.50
The first aid poster helps increase awareness on diabetes, asthma and seizures and provides life saving guidance on how to proceed in any of these cases. The first aid poster has easy to follow text and full colour illustrations and is available with or without Snap Frame.

The poster covers the following topics:

Diabetes: what is diabetes?, recognising a diabetic emergency (hypoglycaemia & hyperglycaemia) and what action to take
Asthma: what is asthma?, recognising an asthma attack and what action to take
Seizures: what is a seizure?, recognising a seizure (minor & major) and what action to take

- Protect your employees and avoid costly accidents
- User friendly text and clear instructions show employees how to prevent accidents and injury
- Durable laminated construction with full colour illustrations
- Compiled by qualified health and safety practitioners
- Also available in wall mountable frames

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Product Description

Our health & safety posters provide step by step guidance to help you minimise workplace risks as well as offering essential first aid and safety information to help people deal with incidents. We offer the updated approved version of the Health & Safety Law Poster, that is required by law to be displayed in every workplace, as well as a wide variety of different health & safety posters created for various risks and emergencies in the workplace.

Size Available: 590 x 420mm


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